Insights: Beijing Air, Reality Check

Airmaggedon, Airpocalypse, Grey-jing – Beijing’s air pollution is a much talked about topic for anyone living and travelling here, and remains a hotly contentious and complex issue. As a megacity and one of the most populous cities in the world, Beijing’s air pollution attracts mass media, government and public attention.

But don’t panic! Here are some points of consideration to complement your own understanding.

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Insights: Where to visit in Beijing

Beijing is a unique city of dichotomies, attractively set against one of the most dynamic, lively, and fast-paced environments in the world. With more than a tenth of the country’s UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Beijing alone, the weight of history can be felt alongside the spur of the modern and innovative - making Beijing one of the most interesting and rewarding destinations to visit.

Central China Television (CCTV) Headquarters, Beijing © bingdian/Getty Images

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Insights: How to stay fit while studying at Peking University

An integral part of maintaining a healthy body and lifestyle, exercise is also a fun way to boost energy, promote better sleep and improve mood and memory. Whether you’re striving to reach your physical best or simply looking for an excuse to justify overeating at the canteens, there are numerous opportunities to stay fit at Peking University.

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Insights: How to find accommodation

It’s one of the most daunting tasks for your exchange abroad. How do you find somewhere liveable and within your means overseas? In an unfamiliar location and with unfamiliar processes? Possibly in an unfamiliar language? Don’t be overwhelmed! The process isn’t too different to what you might be familiar with in your home country. This should be a fun process resulting in you finding a home away from home! Here are some tips given by some of Peking University’s international students.


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